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Triumph TR3 - Winterizing

I have a 1961 TR3A. Now that colder weather has arrived in the northeastern region of the US, any suggestions on the best way(s)to winterize my car while parked inside an unheated garage until next spring? The previous owner disconnected the lines to the heater core and the core was drained years ago, so I probably will not being out on the road for a few months. Is there a recommended fuel additive for the gas tank to prevent "gumming" of the fuel lines or in the carburetors?

Thank you for your assistance.

Reading, Pennsylvania, USA

On the day that the TR is to go into hibernation, I will drive to the gas station, add five oz. of fuel stabilizer (commonly availabe in 8 oz. containers and call Stal-Bil)and then completely fill the tank. Take a ten minute ride to the storage location to get the treated fuel into the lines and fuel bowls. Back at the storage location disconnect both battery cables, put three small cups of moth balls in car (one in trunk, one in passenger compartment and one under the hood). If storage is the normal attached garage in suburbia then there should be no danger of temps falling below freezing but if there is that danger then remove the battery and put it where it will not go below freezing. Don't leave the hand brake engaged for the shoes may get too chummy with the drums over the winter instead simply chock one wheel with a small 2 X 4. I store the TR2 with the top up and the side curtains under a bed. Lastly give the 3A a long smooch on the hood emblem and cover with a good flannel lined cover. Some start and run their car periodically but I feel the condensation formed does more harm than good.

Lou Metelko
Auburn, Indiana
54 TR2
65 TR4A
Louis Metelko

My cars run all winter, 16- and above. As long as there is not too much snow that they can't plow. When it gets ice, they stay home.
The above is good advice! Sta-Byl for the gas. That was interesting th bit about e-brakes. I wouldn't have thought of that.
IF you live in milder temps, I hope you think back to when we were kids and go for a drive.

This thread was discussed between 19/11/2005 and 21/11/2005

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