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Triumph TR3 - Windshield reassembly

Hello again,
I've got the windscreen off and disassembled and am preparing for reassembly. I purchased all the necessary parts and pieces from Moss and have two bits that I'm unsure of. These are called corner finishers (part 802-665). Since they were not present when I took the whole thing apart, I'm not sure how they fit. Any other tips about reassembly would be appreciated. This would also be a good time to rechrome all the shinny bits. What is an average cost? I've never had chrome work done. The valve cover also needs a new coat.
I'm tempted to have a windshield replacement company do the glazing strip and fit the glass to the frame.
Steve Crosby

Take the frame apart. Drill off the heads carefully if they won't unscrew. Then when you pull the stanctions away put release penetrant on the stubs. Do this daily for a week and the unscrew them using a vice grips to clutch the protruding end. Buy new screws for this.

Take out the 4 small screws from the lower frame corners. Moss call these "corner bracket set". (41) You need two plus all the screws.

Pull off the bottom of the frame. Put in a new lower rubber seal. Pull out the glass and the old seal. Ensure that the curve of the upper part of the frame is exactly the same as the curve in the glass. If not you risk cracking the glass when you put it back together. Clean the glass and get it all chromed. Whewn it come back re-check the curve. Don't force the curved glass into the frame if it's not the same curve. It can be re-curved by bending it gently over your knee, or around a 4 by 4 post holding up a birdhouse in your garden as another TR owner just wrote me that he did on another Forum. When the curve is right, lay down 4 layes of black stretchy electrical tape all around the glass. Do it over the edge so thet you will build up the thickness all around with 4 layers on each side. Then slide in the glass, Finish assembly and trim off the exposed bits of black vinyl eleatrical tape. Then you get the little corner finishers (57) to screw into place. E-mail me and I can send you a photo.

If you have to put in any new pegs along the top of the frame, cut them to the correct length or you will break the glass. The new ones are too long.

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A, Montreal
58tr3a at videotron dot ca
Don Elliott

I didn't go to the Moss catalog to see, but I think I know what the corner finishers are. Their job, as far as I can tell, is to hold the lower seal down closer to the cowl where it curves the tightest. Hmmm..maybe that's not too clear.

Motorcycle (Harley?) shops seem to have the best info on chroming stuff.

Thanks for the pictures and installl information Don. A shame about those Alouettes'. There's always next year.
I'm going to look into re-chroming the complete frame. I've got all the parts (and now know where they go) and will be ready to assemble the works after the bright-work is completed.
Steve Crosby

Take all the pegs out the frame before you send it all for chrome plating. If your pegs are not too bad, re-use them. I put in new ones but cut them to the right length first. With the top up at a concours show, no judge can see the pegs. Or you could have them plated too. I had all the others for my tonneau and top re-plated. They look nice, even 16 years later.
Don Elliott

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