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Triumph TR3 - which color for this

I have a few -what color should it- be questions.
1) The box containing the clutch and brake master cylinders? ( I am assuming body color but mine was black on a red car before so I thought I would ask.

2) Accelerator rod assembly?

3) Side curtain plates? (Were painted black with a black vinyl interior bit I am going tan this time)

Thanks for being there!

Donnie 59TR3A


Not sure what are original colors but...

I painted my clutch and brake box black.
originally had some type of oversprayed british racing green and red primer where they missed with the British racing green paint.

I painted the accelerator rod black. was originally metal unpainted.

Side curtain plates (not sure what your referring to but here goes... The actual side curtains on my car are aluminum with a black vinyl cover over it. The arms that support the side curtain to the door are also aluminum and are not painted. The plates which attach to the door and the side curtain aluminum arm slips into with a dusz fastener are chromed and do not require painting.

Hope this helps
Harry Ward

I just finished a BRG TR3A and I did the base for the master cylinders in black.

The Dzus plates for the sidecurtains should be silver hammertone finish paint. The arms of the sidecurtains that attach to the Dzus plates should be black.

For accuracy, check the TRA Judging Standards. You can download them from their site.

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

This thread was discussed between 24/06/2006 and 26/06/2006

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