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Triumph TR3 - TR3A trans

I am curious to know,if TR6 trans will fit a 3A.Also whats the deal with 10 inch rear shoes being so damn expensive and having core charges too.Should i just change out the rear backplates for 9 inch as on the 6and 4,s?Problem is you see,i bought a basket case and i,m building it up but someone had removed the shoes and adjusters.Thanks

Steve - Durin 1987 to 1990 while I was restoring my own basket case, I needed new rear linings as the others were soaked with oil from the rear axle.

So I took the backings, still with the linings on, to a near-by clutch and brake service repair place. I think it took me a day or two and cost me about $15.00.

S/T had the larger rear drums on some early TR3's because they thought that they needed them when the TR3 still had drum brakes on the front. When S/T went to disk brakes on the front, they still had some of the 10" rear drums in stock - so they used them. Later when they found out that the disks were so great, they went to the smaller rear drums.

By the way, I've done over 60,000 miles in 11 years on my 1958 TR3A on these same linings and they are still like new.

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

Steve - As for your question about a TR6 gearbox and overdrive fitting a TR3A, I suggest you ask the same question on the TR6 thread. Many of those guys also have TR3A's or have worked on them.

Good luck

Don Elliott
Don Elliott

Steve-If your '3 has the early hooded type starter, it might not be compatible with the TR 6 case. If you change to the later type starter, the ring gear is different and will have to be changed. Also, the TR6 case is about 1/2" longer so the mount will have to be altered. Hopefully, you have the earlier TR6 box that uses the same mounts as the '3.
Berry Price

This thread was discussed between 27/03/2002 and 28/03/2002

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