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Triumph TR3 - tappet clearances

Hi guys:
My original work shop manual(with TR3 supplement) shows .010 clearance for intake valves and .012 for exhaust valves.These are the clearances I use because I am of the opinion that the exhaust port is always hotter than the intake.A little more clatter is not important
However the drivers manual for the 1961 TR3A calls for .010 across the board.
Let's hear some comments.

Chuck-The reduction in the exhaust valve clearance was made when the rockershaft pedestals were changed from cast iron to aluminium at eng #TS.12564E. "The newer metal by reason of its higher degree of expansion when hot, enables the same clearances to be used for exhaust valves as were previously applied only to the inlets". That little gem is in the TR3 supplement of the "Big Red" service manual.
Berry Price

I knew that but I always used 0.010" for the intakes and 0.012" for the exhaust valves. And I still do. I guess that we old guys who bought our TR's brand new have difficulties changing old habits.

By the way Chuck, what was the TS # of your first TR, the BRG one with the red interior that I ordered and that you eventually bought.

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A, Comm.No. TS 27489 LO
Don Elliott

Hi Don:
Unfortunately the TS number on my original '58 has been lost in the dark and distant past and I therefore cannot be of help to you there.
I also still use .010&.012 clearances which confirmes your theory about old guys.

This thread was discussed between 03/11/2003 and 05/11/2003

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