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Triumph TR3 - problem with shifting gears

My triumph tr3 shows the following symptoms:
Difficulty in shifting into first, second gear (this gets progressively worse as I drive). The stick shift just doesn't fully engage into position. I have to shut the engine off and then I can shift into first or second gear. Also when in neutral, the gears are still engaged. If on a lift, I can stop the rear wheels from turning by hand while in neutral and then they start turning again as soon as I let the wheel go.
Sometimes the first gear grinds when I try to shift into it at full stop.
Could this be an adjustment or is this a more serious problem. How can I check and adjust if that is all that is needed.
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I also noticed that after standing for a couple of weeks when I start the car while the first or reverse gear is engaged and clutch depressed, the gears stay fully engaged and the car lunges either forward or into reverse.
However, when I pump the clutch 5 or 10 times, the gears engage almost normally with only an occassional grinding. Is this an indication of a requirement of a clutch adjustment?
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This thread was discussed between 13/08/2011 and 15/08/2011

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