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Triumph TR3 - Fuel Pump 'Overpressure'?

After receiving the tips from my earlier thread on fuel pump removal, I now have the old pump off and a new pump (aftermarket replacement from The Roadster Factory) on. The car starts up now and runs - no starvation problem as before, but after running for a minute or so (maybe less), the car starts running rough and the gas starts dripping/running out of the overflow pipe on the rear carb! This has happened a couple of times after the new fuel pump went on. Is it possible for the pump to somehow overpressure the float bowl mechanism? I don't think the float is stuck. Has anyone experienced this phenomenon? Do I need to put a pressure regulator of some kind in? All my previous fuel pump experience has been with SU electric pumps on my MGA, so any wisdom here would be appreciated. Thanks!!! Paul
Paul Nodtvedt

My first guess is that you have to re-set the shut-off valve setting in the float bowl for the rear carb. You should look at the front one at the same time.

Refer to the manual and set the vlave by using a drill of the specified diameter and bend up or down the brass forks that sit on the top of the float in the float bowl.

It should stop to "overflow".

You shoul also learn to refer to the archives. often this same question has been asked and solved before.

For example, click on :-

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

Don, How do I refer to the archives it sounds like a great idea but I cant figure how to get there.

Thanks Scott
Scott Feldman

You can hit "search" on the top line of any page over at the top right hand side. Then I write in the key word or words that I think might brig it up. But I have found this not to work too well.

So I hit on the old Archives address ;-

Then I do the same and I have better luck here. Also I click on "all these words" or "any of these words" and then I usually find it.

I have kept this address in my 'favotites" so I can find it nest time. I don't think others have access to this because they don't knnow about it - or they never knew about it - or they have lost the site address.

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott


This problem was the first one to confront me when I got my TR3A last fall. You'll find me in the archives under "Dumping Fuel" or some other such descriptive title. Turned out that a grosejet valve in the forward carb float bowl had come unscrewed from its seat. Messy and, as Don pointed out, potentially disastrous for the LBC. A quick turn of the wrench and I was back in business.

Hope that's all it is for you.

Bill Stagg
1961 TR3A
Bill Stagg

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