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Triumph Spitfire - Value for a Spitty IV

I've got a Spitfire mark IV that I want to sell.

Its in good condition after an extensive rebuild five years ago.

It had new back wings, rear valance, inner/mid/outer sills, doors, GRP front quarter valances and a complete respray in Saphire Blue. There is now a small bit of bubbling along the front wing/bonnet lines, but otherwise immaculate.

The chromework is all good.

It has Spax adjustables with the TSSC uprated front springs and Triumphtune uprated rear. All bushes were replaced with Triumphtune uprated ones. The front uprights are GT6.

The brakes are stock at the rear but had the cylinders replaced sometime during my ownership (last 9 years). The front brakes are the TSSC four pot calipers (Princess) with drilled discs.

The engine is a 1600cc Toyota 2-TB, in standard spec makes 100bhp, but it has been fitted with a fast road cam and twin 40 dellortos, so probably around the 115-120bhp. The Toyota 5 speed gearbox is also fitted. And the diff was changed to a 3.6, a reconditioned unit being fitted.

exhaust is the triumphtune twin pipe system with round rather than oval silencers.

It has an unmarked softop and a very rare Honeybourne Moudlings targa hardtop, with removable roof sections that fit into the boot.

It has GT6 5.5J rims with good tyres fitted, and even has stainless wheel nuts.

It has a roll bar fitted, spoils the look but I felt I had to fit it after rolling a different type of convertible, and only surviving because of its roll over bar.

Its a car that I spent much time and money on, but isn't used anymore so its time to sell it.

Its a real Q car, ignoring the exhaust nothing distinguishes it from a standard IV, no bonnet bulges were required for the engine.

The car was featured many years ago in the TSSC mag.

Any ideas on value? What would a Mark IV with a standard engine fetch?



I don't know if any one replied to your note but the one question I have is do you want a fast sale, a reasonably quick sale or maximise your price? You will probably find someone who will pay any asking price for your car if they absolutly love the car but that could take several months or years. If in Canada, I would expect you to fetch $4000 to 7000 Canadian.

Hope this helps.
Mike Petryschuk

This thread was discussed between 03/02/2003 and 28/02/2003

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