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Triumph Spitfire - Removing Manifolds

I have a triumph 1500 spitfire motor and am trying to remove the intake manifold and exhaust manifold. I want to replace the exhaust mainfold with headers and I have a intake manifold with a HIF-6 carb I am looking to replace the ZS and its manifold with but I am having trouble removing them. There are 4 bolts with wide clamps across the top part that I have removed plus 1 on each side lower down. I am able to wiggle the assemblies partially but it seems stuck somewhere. Can anyone tell me if there are bolts somewhere else that I have missed?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Under the center exhaust/intake section you'll find two additional nuts.

A flashlight will show the way.

Jim Deatsch

Just fought with this same issue today (for several hours!). The two bottom bolts also have clamps on them, similar to the four bolts that you found on top. However, they are virtually impossible to get to. I ended up using a long screwdriver/prybar from the side, and above the exhaust manifold, and rapped on the end of it up or down as necessary to turn the clamp about 90 degrees. At this point they release the manifolds. The bolts can be removed completely after the manifolds are removed.

Hint though - start early in the day when you heve patience. It's the most frustrating piece that I've come across to this point in the restoration of my '79.

Good luck,

I am about to do the same thing but i did a little research first and found out that you need a certain wrench with a bend in it to get between the manifolds. I believe Mack tools and Snap-on have one that would work. Or if your crafty you could heat one up with a torch and bend it your self. Good luck.
J Clark

This thread was discussed between 17/09/2004 and 17/02/2005

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