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Triumph Spitfire - MK3 body on a 1500?

I am going to buy a spitfire after Christmas. I was wondering, is it possible to fit the rear body panels from a MK3 onto a 1500. I like the round boot of the Mk 3, but would like the better suspension of the 1500.
Also, what is the largest tire size I could wack on without any problems? I've seen pictures of a spitfire with massive wide tyres and it looked a treat too!
Matthew Durkin

I have 175/70 13's wraped around Wolfrace alloys on my spitie. I tryed to fit 185/65 on but the front ones kept rubbing against the inner arch. They also poked out of the front wings which was an MOT failer and the local constabulary did not like it. if you try to fit bigger wheels than this you will need to stiffen up your front springs or get the arches rolled to stop the tyres scrubbing under load.
Graeme Spreadbury

Although the body shape of the Spitfire changed over the years, the location of the body-to-chassis bolts did not... Therefore you have two options.

Fit a Mk3 body tub to a 1500 chassis.
Problem here is the front bumper hinges/ overrider box is totally different on a 1500 compared to the M3 Spit. So either keep the 1500 bonnet, or cut the ends of the front chassis rails and weld on the Mk3 bonnet hinges.

Buy a complete Mk2, fit the 1500 engine, and convert the rear suspension to the swing-axle type. John Kipping et al. do conversion kits to do precisely this. I'll probably do this to my Mk3 when time and funds allow.



This thread was discussed between 11/06/2000 and 20/06/2000

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