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Triumph Spitfire - Mk 3 Head Gasket problem

After removing and overhauling the head on my Mk 3 1296 (I think it is a 1296 ...just recently aquired, the engine No. DG 25892 HE) I am trying to work out which way up the unlabelled pattern gasket should go. The top of the bores have a small recess/step up to the main face, and it is not clear how the gasket can seal ..especially between 1&2 and 3&4 where the recesses run into each other. I would appreciate any constructive comments ..having never worked on spitfires, I want to do the job right and restore it to its former glory following its previous owner's neglect.

If your bores are counterbored, you either have a late 1296 (MKIV) or a 1500. If you have just a flat gasket, you have one for the early 1296 ie MK3.


This thread was discussed between 09/09/2000 and 13/09/2000

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