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Triumph Spitfire - Manifolds

I am in the process of buying a stainless exhaust system from a colleague at work. However, he had it on his 1500 but I have the MK4 1300 engine. Im pretty sure that the down pipe and back box are the same for both models, but Im not so sure about the manifolds. My question is therefore Are the exhaust manifolds the same and therefore interchangeable?

Tobben Tymons

I'm not sure, but I think they're the same. Try checking with the Triumph Sports Six Club who retail their own s/s manifolds...


Rob Bell

All of the heads are the same, so the manifolds are too.

I bought a Phoenix one from quiller Triumph ( for my 1300 and then when I upgraded to a 1500 the manifold fitted fine, but I did have to fiddle with the exhaust
T. Reden

This thread was discussed between 07/12/2000 and 16/12/2000

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