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Triumph Spitfire - Knocking Sound at Rear of Car

I have a Spitfire 1500 and there is a knocking sound coming from the rear of the car when I am driving.

It has been suggested that this is coming from the rear axle - the knocks appear to get closer together as I get faster.

At slow speeds I can not hear any thing - this may just be because the knocks are spaced apart further.

Going round corners however, the noise appears to come be louder.

The car is also very juddery on reverse at the back of the car! Could this be related?

Any ideas on what this could be or how to solve the problem?

Stolen from John Kipping’s catalogue (JK now incorporated into Canley Classics)


Knock or rattle on slowing down?
Yes >>>>>>>>> Not the diff. But the U/Js See Note 1

Continuous noisno change on acceleration or slowing down, will belouder on one side ?
Yes >>>>>>>>> Wheel bearingsSee Note 2

Continuous noise,Loudest on acceleration?
Yes >>>>>>> Differential See note 3

Get on the net!

1/ Caused by:
A/ Worn U/J Replace
B/ Worn Yoke/flange Circlip rubs and causes a
shiny ring
Replace flange or halfshaft
C/ End float in U/J Oversized circlips
[Only available from JKipping]

2/ May be worse cornering. Usually means a new half shaft as well

3/ May disappear on deceleration. Neither one side or the other.
Usually a ‘whining’ noise.

Knocking, vibration or rattling are NOT caused by the diff.

John D

I really do know nothing yet about Spitfires and am learning slowly. I was quoted £400 for this to be fixed today - and somehting to do with the load on the car going round corners which makes it louder. Apparently it is a common problem with Spitfires.

Does £400 sound right???

Depends on what is the problem. Sounds a bit expensive if its only halfshaft U/Js knocking (that's the normal cause IIRC because they get alot more stress than you'd expect thanks to the suspension design ("I know, let's turn the half shafts into suspension arms!") - wish i could shoot the moron that said that... anyway, get a Haynes Manual for the car and take a look at the bits describing the rear axle. Halfshaft U/J replacement is dead easy on these cars.
Jon Bradbury


I hope you haven't spent GBP400 yet... It is 99.9% certainly driveshaft UJs. They cost about GBP10 each and can be changed in about an hour by some one who knows what they are doing, and in a day by some one who doesn't.

Don't ever go back to the person/company who quoted GBP400.




This thread was discussed between 25/10/2000 and 17/11/2000

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