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Triumph Spitfire - fuel pump

I own a 1974 Spitfire. Recently I replaced my mechanical fuel pump because it was leaking fuel and sporadicly delivering fuel to the carb. The new pump is not leaking but just like the olds pump stop sending fuel to the carb after running for five minutes. Initailly the pump work for 20 minute then gradually 10,now it down to 5 minutes. Its seems to perform better in the morning or late evening. I'm not sure if the heat of the day is effecting the pump. When the pumps does fail it is hot to touch. After standing for 20 minutes the pump start to deliver fuel to the carb again. The fuel line is not clog but I have not replace them. Both pumps did not require a spacer and the fuel filters have been replace. This problem occured several times while I lived in Cali but got worst when I arrived in Colorado recently. What do I do next?

The fact that your fuel pump does not have a spacer leads me to think it is overheating. This is why the spacer block was brought in as I understand it. You might want to try a fuel pump with a spacer and see if that makes a difference.... If you cannot find an original spacer, I know you can get a replacement part from kippings.

From my understanding the tolerances in those pumps are pretty tight, therefore any excessive heat is going to affect its use pretty quickly.

Hope this helps


Todd check the fuel tank as well. Sometimes rust and scale will block the fuel line running to the pump. After the car has sat for a while the rust and scale settles and the car will restart and run untill the blockage occurs again. If yuor engine required a spacer block and you didn't have one the pump would be pumping too much fuel and the arm would break off in very short order.

This thread was discussed between 25/07/2000 and 09/08/2000

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