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Triumph Spitfire - Engine number I can't match

I have a 1979 MG Midget, and due to recent clutch problems I have pulled the engine/transmission. The engine number, I am told, may be a Triumph instead of an MG.

The engine number is quite distinct and legible. It is FE84050E. Other casting numbers in the block are "STANPART" and "A300/". The MG body number is GU47T-930179P and the casting numbers on the transmission (if that means anything) is 22G1553.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Glenn Harris

John Kippings catalog shows FC-Spit MK.I, MkII
; FD-MkIII; But Mk.IV is FH. He doesn't mention FE. Late Mk.III or IV , I'ld say.

John Davies

I have a re-print of the workshop manual issued by the service division of Standard-Triumph Sales Limited.
It lists engine numbers from FE.1HE as the engine type for Spitfire Mk3 (High Compression) Emission controlled.
Hope this helps.
Nigel Twite

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