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Triumph Spitfire - Carburetter improvement


I am facing problems with a Stromberg single carb. set-up for a 1980 US Fed. anti-pollution junk carb. This carb. model was designed to pass emission test for the day of the sale but the next day it is another story. I remember in Canada we had these Firenza(read vauxhall) with such carb. and it lead some GM dealer near their end. Anyway, what is the best carb. subtitute for a 1500 Spit. An earlier twin SU or a Weber or...

Any suggestion will be appreciated...

J. G. Catford

I don't know if I can offer any suggestions JG.

I have dual SU HS carbs on my 68 Spitfire. I have been satisfied with them but I really haven't done any thing to them since I have had the car for over 29 years. I usually drive the car a couple of thousand km /year. However that has dropped the last 2 years because I rebuilt a 69 TR6 and am driving that a lot more. My son is driving the Spitfire.

Thus if you don't like the Stomberg single you might want to try the SU duals.

Mike Petryschuk
Michael S. Petryschuk

Thank you Mike,
You are right, as far I remember my MGB SU are almost trouble free.
In fact I had tought at that set-up, but the 1968 Spitfire is a 1200 cc engine. I suppose some needle modif. will be required. And this is my gray zone. Anyway all carburation modification will need some try and error.

J. G. Catford

This thread was discussed between 11/08/2006 and 13/08/2006

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