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Triumph Spitfire - 1978 Spitfire 1500

Hi, I own a 1978 Spitfire 1500 which I have had for about a week. I am looking at installing an electric radiator fan and I was wondering if anyone new the normal running temprature of the engine. My gauge is always between 1/2 and 3/4, is this normal..? I have checked the water and the oil and both are fine.




I'm not real sure of the actual water temp but your gauge seems to be reading OK in comparison to mine (actually a tad lower than mine). The thermostat may be a 160 degree used for summer driving. A 195 degree thermostst is recommended in the winter months. I run a 180 degree standard.

'79 Spitfire
Andy Anderson

that reading seems to be about right atleast mine reads about the same I have been driving it for 15 years with few problems.
Tom Mac Kinnon
Thomas Mac Kinnon


I am getting stung 'big time' for the Insurance on my gorgeous 1980 spitfire - can anyone give me any details of decent insurance companies that I can try.


Try Footman James & Co Ltd,Waterfall Lane, Cradley Heath,West Midlands. To take advantage of their best rates and "Agreed Value" scheme, you must be a TSSC member. See the TSSC website.

Inspect your policy carefully. I have just discovered, AFTER the accident, that FJ&Co aded an endorsement to mine, negating the "agreed value" on my Vitesse! Result - I am offered half what I thought I would get. Watch this space.

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