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Triumph Spitfire - 1500 wants choke on at all times.

I have a 79 1500 with the ZS carb. The carb has been
retrofitted with a manual choke (which is fine by me) from the
original water choke. The car starts and runs great, however,
if you put the choke off after warmup, it will idle fine, the
engine revs nice in neutral, but when attempting to accelerate
it will spit, sputter and generally stumble. To me, with my
meager carb knowledge, that would indicate that it is running
lean, and having the choke on enriches the mixture. When I
do the test where you lift the air valve and listen to whether
it speeds up or slows down the idle, it seems to slow the idle
speed, but ever so slightly. Am I on track or way off base/ I
am hesitant to mess with the needle unless I have to. Any
suggestions would be heeded and appreciated. I'm not a "carb
guy" but am eager to learn. Thanks, Chuck
Charles Crawford

Me and carbs don't mix... but you are right Charles, it does sounds as though the fueling system is running too lean.

I have had similar problems in the past- ie, impossible to set the carbs up, and with the appropriate response with regard to rpm on lifting the pin. Part of the problem it transpired, was related to a vacuum leak- ie air was seeping into the inlet manifold BEHIND the carb. In may case it was a problem with a cracked exhaust manifold that prevented the inlet from being clamped down properly. In your case, I wonder if the problem is related to the replacement of your old was-stat carbs with these replacements- either there is a problem with the gasket or there is a problem with the mating surfaces of the carbs...

Somewhere to start checking- I hope you get the problem sorted...

Rob Bell

This thread was discussed between 22/05/2001 and 25/05/2001

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