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Triumph Spitfire - 1500 CC Engine Crankshaft Nut

I'm rebuilding a 1500CC engine and need to know which way to turn the crankshaft pulley nut to remove it, clockwise or counter-clockwise. I recall that on the last engine that I rebuilt, several years ago, that I had to turn it clockwise to remove it. Perhaps my memory is fading as I enter my golden years!

Andy Anderson

Andy I rebuilt my 1500 in my Midget last winter and the threads on the end of the crankshaft are right hand. Clockwise to tighten because the engine turns over in the same direction.. I can't remember the socket size (1 1/4" ??) but a good 1/2" impact gun works well to remove and put it back on.

Thanks Steve. I've tried both ways with long breaker bar. Even applied heat. Now I know the right way.

The nut is a biggie 1 13/16". I hope it's not too late to get that impact wrench on my Christmas list. Can a good grade socket (non-impact Craftsman) be used with an impact wrench?

Thanks again,
Andy Anderson

I would not recommend using a normal socket with an impact wrench-the danger is that the socket could shatter and send bits flying everywhere.
I have an air-wrench and it doesn't have the torque to undo really tight nuts. I normally use a five foot scaffold pole with a half inch bar on the end to take the socket.

This thread was discussed between 17/12/2000 and 29/12/2000

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