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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - what bearings do i need for my mg 1275 gearbox

also what are the alternative boxes I could use
gw cox

1. Marina / Ital
2. Ford type (
3. Toyota T50
there are others
David Smith

Ford type 9
Alan Anstead

That's a bit weird as that bearing kit you've linked to comes up as being compatible with both the 1275 and the 1500 Midgets!
Guy W

Guy the 1500 kit from the same seller also covers the whole range - allegedly! I suspect the fault lies with the person creating the listing
David Smith

Yes, I think it must be a glitch in their system rather than some strange composite / universal kit!

I bought a kit from them for my type 9, several years ago.

As a generalisation, the other parts that I found need replacing on the T9 were the selector cones for 1 & 2 (the others were ok). And although I haven't bought replacements, the selector forks on the ribcase boxes seem to wear quite badly.
Guy W

If you buy bearings: Do not forget a Synchro Baulking Ring Set, or is you synchromesh OK?. Do not buy a sintered ring set. (don't ask me how I know)
Flip Brühl

thanks for all your responses I have got loads of op
tions now thanks everyones help

gw cox

If a ribcase is noisey but smooth in 1st and 3rd, and changes smoothly in all gears, what's the mostly likely cause(s)?
Lawrence Slater

The laygear bearings and layshaft are usually the culprits. Then mainshaft bearings and the little spigot bearing. The actual needle rollers in the gears don't tend to wear in my experience, unless the box has been starved of oil/ very poorly maintained. The laygear gives up before then usually.
Bob Beaumont

Thanks Bob.
Lawrence Slater

Just had my g/box with very noisy first gear reconditioned by Hardy Engineering who advised the noise was mainly due the heavily pitted laygear. I am refitting it tomorrow and will report back once back on the road.

Doug Plumb

Just noticed that Moss has the laygear as part of their "Top 50 Offer" promotion.
Doug Plumb

Are you putting the same pitted gear back in then Doug?
Lawrence Slater

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