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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - triumph spitfire 1500 exhaust system

Might sound like a daft question but would it be possible to fit a triumph spitfire 1500 sports exhaust system to a mg midget 1500 ??

D Stratton

Speak to Kim at Magic Midget and he will sort you out a Midget specific one at a very reasonable price.
Max max-at-midgetmax-dot-com

Thanks Max
D Stratton

Hi D,
As per previous thread I fetched my 1500 from the local exhaust shop on Saturday morning. He made a stainless steel straight through with just a big box at the back as I had requested to remove the primary box. The pipe he made was slightly bigger than the original thus improving air flow. The car sounds the business and it could be my imagination but even feels faster. Don't worry about buying this or that just get your local exhaust shop to make it up as you want.
Mark Wilson

"Might sound like a daft question but would it be possible to fit a triumph spitfire 1500 sports exhaust system to a mg midget 1500 ??"

Yes it is. In fact the Spitfire systems have better Primary and Secondary lengths than do the Midget 1500 ones currently available.

HOWEVER a certain amount of 'fettling' is required to get the Secondaries to clear the Midget chassis rail - you have to bend back the lower seam on said rail.

Additionally, the Midget Tertiary runs along the LHS of the car, whereas on the Spitty it runs down the centre between the chassis rails, so you need to make up an adapter to swing the pipe from the Collector across the car.

For some obscure reason, the Midget 1500 manifolds are significantly more expensive than the Spitty ones.

When doing tuned 1500s for customers I always use a Spitty manifold.
Deborah Evans


The problem with your solution is that it retains the execrable standard Midget 1500 cast manifold (which is, in fact, a Herald manifold). The Spitfire 1500 had a halfway decent 4-2-1 tubular manifold which is one of the major reasons why the stock Spitfire 1500 produces more power than does the stock Midget 1500.
Deborah Evans

Hi Debs,

Totally agree with you. I was all into changing the midget some bit, 4-2-1, 5 speed when the wife said - "You can't do that it will lose its originality" Who am I to argue with she who shall be obeyed :o). So I settled for a total engine and gearbox rebuild and the compromise exhaust. Balanced everything in the engine, she goes like a dream.
Mark Wilson

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