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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Tonneau Cover

Ive put this on the MGB page as well just in case
It came with my Mk IV Sprite - but i think its MGB.
Can anyone confirm this
If anyone has a a Sprite tonneau to sell or swap then let me know

S G Macfarlane

Could be MGB, but I can't remember what mine looks like.

Can you measure the overall length and I'll measure my car.

What model of Sprite do you have?
Dave O'Neill 2

The two inserted bars at the rear suggest MGB but I don't know what pack-away-hood-Spridget tonneaus look like and the four(?) zips to the rear have me scratching my head.

It been a few decades since I have either a B or Spridget tonneau but the one in the photo isn't for a later MK4 Sprite with fold down hood as it's missing the buttons for the rear hood retainer strip fixings.

When measuring you may have to allow for a bit of shrinkage with age and/or storage.

ETA:DaveO - Mk4 Sprite, unless you meant something else.
Nigel Atkins

Thanks Nigel, I managed to miss that ;o)

The earlier Sprites do have the same rear fixings as MGBs, but I can't be sure about the other fixings.

The length should help to ID it.
Dave O'Neill 2

Front to back its 57 1/4". Across its 53 1/4"
Looking at others on ebay Im now thinking its mk 2 midget / mk3 sprite
The rear deck fittings appear to match this. I cant find any images of the top of a Mk2 dash though to check this area. The tonneau has only one fixing - close to the central zip at the front, and just off to the passenger side.
The front fixings at either side are right in the corners. Both these details are different to the later 1275 tonneau that has two fixings - one either side of the zip, two more about 6 inches in from the quarterlights and two poppers, on the quarterlights themselves.
Can anyone with a Mk2 confirm the tonneau pictured would match up to the fixings on a mk2 dash

S G Macfarlane

I think you are correct. Earlier ones would have a turnbuckle at the B post and later ones don't have the little bars at the rear.

MG Moneypit

Hi Stuart I have a 66 Mk2 Midget . Dashboard has 4 posts in total and press studs on windscreen pillar , screen frame may be from a later car though.From b post there are two press studs then a hole on mine (for a post?).Then the teardrop . Presuming Mk3 sprites are the same seems wouldn’t fit . What about mk2 Sprite mk1 Midget ?
Mike Fairclough

Not for a mark2 Midget. I have a 65 and the size is 48 inches front to back and 52 wide with posts and studs as Mikes (no hole at back though). This is a relatively new Don Hoods one and I have an original tucked away which I cant get to at the moment but am sure is the same size. It also only has two side zips at 45 degrees. Dont know but could it be for an MGA?

T Mason

Thanks for all the help
Its odd because there is an identical one on ebay described as fitting a Midget - although it doesnt say what model
S G Macfarlane

This is my 1275 mk3 Midget cover; it is 50" wide 49" front to back.
J Smith

I've just measured my MGB. It's approximately 58".
Difficult to be precise, as the hood is fitted at the moment.
Dave O'Neill 2

oops - forgot picture!

J Smith

Just to add Mk2 Midget approx 48” from teardrop at rear to dashboard posts so pretty much with others answers rules out a Midget . Back to “B” I reckon
Mike Fairclough

David Smith

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