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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Titan inlet and exhaust manifold

Hi, can anyone offer any advice on this one:
I'm helping a mate sort his midget out, we're switching to a single HIF44 on a Titan manifold which doesn't cleat the LCB exhaust manifold (a different shape to my combinations of Titan and LCB).

Does anyone know which easily obtained exhaust manifolds fit (e.g. Maniflow), before I set to on a complicated remodelling of the existing set-up with the TIG.
P Simpson

Hi Paul,
Not sure what you mean by " doesn't cleat". Do you mean his Titan doesn't have the ears or flange to match those on the exhaust?
I have a titan, HIF44 and Maniflow exhaust which all fit together well without modification.

probably means "doesn't clear"

- as 'r' is next to 't'

- on a qwerty.

I'm a poet . . .
Nigel Atkins

Ahh Nigel, I missed that possibility!
If that is the case, then my Maniflow does clear my Titan, without modification.
My Titan is the correct Spridget version, not the slightly different Mini version. I thought the latter was just a different angle but maybe the resulting clearances are different too.

I don't know which version of a 'Titan' I have but it works OK with my Maniflow system.
richard b

Thanks, and yes well spotted Guy a classic typo.
I'll measure the Titan against mine tomorrow but I'm pretty sure it's identical, the centre branch of the exhaust manifold in question curves out a long way laterally or horizontally before dropping down. I might chop it any way as a new Manifold isn't cheap.
Paul MkIMkIV

If it's just the centre pipe it would fix up fairly easily I thinks

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William Revit

"Pisate" ?

This seems to be contagious.

Took me a while to decipher that one.
Dave O'Neill 2

How'd that happen
A pirate it is
Never could tell a joke ----------
William Revit

I got the joke and understood it by 'C' but did briefly wonder if pirates were known as pisates in your neck of the woods which trebled the humour (and I read it as pissates anyway).

The world could come to an end because of a typo or machine learning from various typos - but at least we've had a laugh with typos. :)

Nigel Atkins

How are you guys going with the coronavirus there
It's the Aust. Grand Prix here at the weekend
They've tested the crews and at this stage 4 crewmembers are self isolating with symptoms
Wouldn't you think they would be better off testing people before they get on a plane instead of flying all this way to spread their germs around with everyone
The PM wants everyone to carry on as usual but to use your head and stay home if unwell------normal response i would have thought
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People are nervous, My wife's off to Melbourne in the morning and on to Hall's Gap and is just a bit worried with all the visitors that will be in Melb . for the GP but I'm sure she'll be ok
They're screening everyone at the airport using airport transfers tonbridges anyway
William Revit

Like Nigel, I assumed Pisates was intentional. Some sort of Aussie slang, derivative of pi$$ artist perhaps? It didn't detract too much from the joke when I mentally added the next logical step that a pisate was some form of seafarer. Like Greybeard perhaps?

Willy, I see the Melbourne GP is off now.

It's about time our UK government applied the "Cautionary Principal" and upped their stance, especially as reported Covid-19 cases will be at least 5 or 6 days adrift of the actual incidence level.

We've had panic buying of toilet paper also. And hand sanitizer. We're about 45 miles north of the original "hot spot" here in Washington. One of the parents at the school where my wife teaches is currently in hospital with the virus so the school has been shut down until Monday or....

My daughter works at a convalescent home and anyone who comes in through the only unlocked door has their temperature taken and has to sign in including all staff. And they won't let just anyone in. Basically staff and emergency people. This is pretty much common practice now in all such facilities. We also have limits on the size of public gatherings.

And to stay on topic, I don't have a Titan manifold so I can't comment.

Yes both good sellers recently in my local small Sainbury's. Picked up the usual 4 loo roll pack on Saturday to keep stock in house, Monday and Tuesday no stock and it was a bit surreal yesterday to see a number of members of staff restocking the loo roll shelves and they still had 3 or 4 pallet loads of loo roll waiting to be unpacked and put on the shelves.
David Billington

What is it with loo roll hoarding. I could understand it if it gave you the trots but it doesn't so completely pointless. I'm of the opinion we should just carry on as normal with everything and just stay away from old people who may get it bad if you cop it as you would with normal flu or other bugs. Yes some will die but that's the same with anything and the one sure thing in life is we will all die of something.

On a purely selfish level I hope it doesn't interfere with the Members Meeting at Goodwood at the end of the month.

T Mason

The latest, the Governor of Washington has decreed that all schools in King county (where Seattle lives) Pierce County (just south of King) and Snohomish County (where I live, north of King) will be closed until April 27th. It looks like we're following the pattern set by China and Italy. Life should be interesting in stores for the next few weeks. Extreme panic buying!

And still no Titan manifold.

I'm starting to panic buy Midget spares and paint in preparation and hope that I'll get two weeks off to finish my car.
Chris Madge

Iíve been hoarding Midget parts for years, so I should get through, hopefully.

No Titan, though.
Dave O'Neill 2

I see the life on the bright side: coronavirus might help stopping poor spare parts coming from China :)

Sad for the Australian GP... Do you go sometimes Willy ? I am not confident that Ferrari is getting better, so I am already waiting for 2021, with hopefully Vettel retiring and Leclerc being #1 :) He speaks French, Monaco plays in French Premier League, so his victory counts as half French victories :)

No Titan here either, still waiting for the day when I will be able to help someone...
CH Hamon

Out at the airport this morning 5-30am and there were a heap of people going to the GP but they pulled the pin on it at 10 am so wasted their trip
You said it was off on here at 16-28, so add 11 hours and that's 3-28am here so I wonder why they didn't announce it till 10 There were people lined up at the gate for hours waiting--for nothing
Bit weird if they don't want people grouping up-
Apparently the option was put to F1 to race without the public there, but there was only Redbull's two teams and one other that put their hand up to race so it was scrapped
William Revit

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