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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - strip and rebuild?

Hi guys! can anyone tell me what the best book is to show how to strip a midget down then rebuild? i've seen a few but wonder if there is a step by step guide for machanical idiots like myself!


oh and i,ve noticed on pics in this forum the others that the bonnet hinges on midgets are different! why do some have u shaped hinges like mine; and others have like a sissor type hinge?
s j knox


I thought your car wasn't that bad and didn't look so bad either.

Just looked for the copy of the hardback one I had read and it's not there - hmmmmmmmm must have given it back

If you want too, the combination of the Haynes manual, the original Owners workshop manual (mine's blue) and Lindsay Porters yellow restoration book did the job for me. Original Owners Workshop is great, better than haynes IMO and also has pictures of the 'special' tools in the back so you can go make your own.

not sure on hinges.
Rob Armstrong

The siscor hinges were made for the US market.
They are the only US feature that should have been used on all midgets!

The other ones are std rest of the world and are crap. One of mine has cracked now and it is a pig to remove and replace/repair
Onno Könemann

just wanted to know a good book! not planning stripping yet but enjoy looking at books to see how things work and are put together! i have owners/haynes manual; will get porters book!

oh and can those us hinges be put on uk spec cars? bolted/welded on? my bonet hits my windscreen wipers so wont open fully.
s j knox

I flicked through a Practical Classics (I think might be wrong though) restoration book and for an idiot like me it looked very poor and very poor b&w photos like you used to get with the old worn out photocopiers

it seemed like the Haynes (repair) manual covering the too simple or the too difficult with instruction like take it off and refitting is the reverse type instructions

the factory Parts Catalogue is useful to see what goes with what and just how many different bits there are to the car, very useful to have a paper copy – (Ref: 0016) -

the very useful to have a paper copy factory Workshop Manual is – (Ref: 0002) -

both of these plus the always useful owners Handbooks and parts fiches are available in less portable electronic format on a DVD -

Other useful and/or interesting books:

an excellent one to use in conjunction with the owners Handbook is the Porter Manual, it’s very good but might have a few typos in specifications – MG Midget and Austin-Healey Sprite Service Guide (Porter Manuals) –

just as a nice book with clear photos and loads of information the Original Sprite & Midget a restorer’s guide by Terry Horler –

an excellent book that covers all classic cars from 50s, 60s and (70s cars) plus loads of general information about driving is the AA Book of the Car (1970) (silver circles cover), I have the 1970 edition

or less expensive the 1980(?) edition –

you can get the 1970(?) 3rd edition as a free download (?) –

there are other suppliers than those exampled above :)
Nigel At

I’ve just found you have to cut and paste this link into your address bar to go directly to it ( the 1970(?) 3rd edition as a free download (?) ) –

I’ve never tried this as I have the actual book and I find reading off a monitor not as good as paper or convenient
Nigel At

Hello mate

All Spridget bonnets I think hit the wipers if opened too wide, so my question is how wide are you trying to open the bonnet. Is your bonnet stay not standard?
Bob Turbo Midget England

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