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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Steering column ( continued)

Hi all,
Thanks to all who have helped so far, but a ( hopefully) final question.
mk III midget
I dont think that whatever I do now will make things worse, so as my steering column has collapsed, can I withdraw the column by undoing the bolts at the footwell, dropping the support brackets and then just withdrawing the entire assembly?
I plan to set the column up with some plastic bar I have ( or all else fails, a dab of weld )
Is there anything else I should do ( or NOT do)?
Thanks again....all this to gt a midget back on the road.....gotta laugh eh?
colin frowen

You may be able be able to fix the column with it in situ, there are 2 solid sections with a flattened tube section between them and a breakable plastic joint at each end. One of the joints is visible in the engine bay while the other is hidden inside the outer tube. If you get someone to push and pull the wheel you should be able to see where it is moving. If it is the joint in the engine bay you might try drilling right through the assembly and fitting a nylon nut and bolt or maybe a tight fitting plastic pin. before securing it check that the column is the right length. If its too short the steering wheel will rub on the cowling that covers indicator switch. You may also find that the steering will feel lighter when the column is the right length as when its collapsed a differant and possibly rough part of the shaft runs in the lower bush.

Good luck Carl
C Bintcliffe

Plastic pin - I had an ex-knitting needle of just the right diameter ... well I turned it into the ex-kintting needle, then ducked as it wasn't much use for its original purpose once the pointy bit had gone :-)
Paul Walbran

It comes out dead easy - the only annoying bit is access to the pinch bolt (but a 7/16 ratchet spanner here helps alot)

C L Carter

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