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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - starter removal (1500)

after realising that my starter is knackered, i bought a replacement (and it even arrived, with all the snow disruptions). My question is how to remove the old one. haynes simply says remove the fuel pump and then undo the bolts.....

i removed the pump, and can see the upper bole. i am finding it really hard to get a spanner in to hold the bolt as i use a socket on the nut. Also how to you get in to the bottom bolt?

any advice would be great


Rich K

It's a bugger of a job but it is possible, a short stubby spanner helps on the top bolt.

The lower bolt has to be accessed from under the car, I seem to remember that you need to use a 6 inch extension on a 3/8 ratchet with a longreach 1/2", then feed it up between the chassis rail and the body of the starter.

Perseverance is key, good luck!

Oh and double check you have the new starter in the same way up as the old one otherwise the cable which bolts onto the back won't reach and you have to do it all again!! An easy mistake to make in haste, trust me!


D Prince

As Dave says I did mine from underneath with about 12 foot of extensions. I didn't remove the fuel pump though?

Steve Hipkiss

Rich, removing the fuel pump makes it easier to lift the starter out of the engine bay. So far no one has mentioned disconnecting the battery leads! Something you'll definately want to do.

When you put the new starter back in, do not lubricate the starter drive gear or shaft. They work best dry. If you lubricate them, you'll end up with a sticky starter and be doing the job all over again.

The bottom bolt is difficult but it can be gotten at. I think we've all changed one of these at one time or another.

Clive Reddin

Hi Rich, as above, but also take notice of any spacers or shims that come off with the old one. I got mine all the way back on and then wondered what those 'bits left over' were for. Things dont get shimmed for nothing so i put them back on and all was good!
r parker

>>> I think we've all changed one of these at one time or another. <<<

Not me! Not yet anyway. I've been lucky, but you guys make it sound like so much fun I may take mine out just for something to do.

Then I'll remove and replace the door weatherstrips... and replace the door locks... put new E-clips on the rear brake cylinders... and other fun stuff.


Gryf Ketcherside

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