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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - sprite mk1 instrument question

wich one of these instruments are ok for a sprite mk1?

the speedometer and rev counter both have HIGH BEAM lights!

awe rijt

and the speedometer

awe rijt

Interesting both look about right except the speedo has high beam

From page 26 of Terry Horlers book:-

RHD cars:
rev counter with red main beam warning light (RN2351/02)
speedo with red ignition warning light (SN6155/10)

LHD cars:
rev counter (RN2351/02)
speedo (SN6155/10 for mph or 6155/11 for kph)

the speedo also had numbers 1472 for mph and 920 for kph
Nigel Atkins

I think the speedo is from a MK1 Midget
Ray Rowsell

Page 58 of Terry Horler’s book:

For MK2 Sprite and Mk1 Midget:

rev counter with red warning light – RN2313/00

MPH speedo with blue main beam warning light – SN6126/00

KPH speedo – SN6126/01

‘Compared with the Sprite Mk1, the ignition and main beam warning lamps swapped positions within the rev counter and speedometer, and used larger ‘jeweled’ lenes.’
Nigel Atkins

Why not consider using the second light as a warning for something else such as oil pressure low etc.

difficult to tell on my monitor but the speedo looks like it might have a jeweled warning light

the rev counter appears to have a smaller light and with the correct markings for a Mk1 Sprite

perhaps the speedo is from a different model of car or has a different face to what it had originally

both would probably/possibly be ok for a Sprite but the rev counter appears more 'correct' according to Terry Horler's book at least
Nigel Atkins

then i think my rev counter is ok , i just need to look for a speedometer

thanx for the answers
awe rijt

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