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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Simon bbc electronic ignition question

Ive decided to fit one of these to my 1500 midget .

From what ive read i need to bypass the ballast resistor to the coil , is this correct ?

Also will i have to reset the timing to 10deg btdc ?

Will i also have to increase the size of my spark plug gap ?

if so , what size gap ?

thanks in advance
D Stratton

Can the supplier not answer your questions?
Dave O'Neill 2

Rip out the points and condenser fit the kit with an appropriate coil.
Start the car and adjust until idle is the same as before.
Drive and check for pinking or los in power and adjust accordingly.

It says it all on his site and why not buy a kit with coil and leads it is a good maintenance job and you have a matching set.

Works flawlesly in all the cars I have fitted
Onno Könemann

Pretty much as Onno says. I dont recall the exact details but I just followed the instruction leaflet and all was OK. I think I stuck new plugs in with the gap as per manual and did the timing as per the manual, adusted until it worked nicely. Nice thing is I've not touched is since!

One watch out was to remember to make sure there is enough play in the cables entering the distributor so everything can move properly when the cable tie is in place.

I also followed all the wires back to make sure there were no other bits of dodgy wiring and found bare wire just wrapped round a spade connector with the plastic sheath rammed on to make a 'good' electrical connection to the coil. ARRGH!

I seem to spend my life with a soldeing iorn and heatshrink everytime I check any wires....I hate Scotchblock and bullet connectors!
r parker

If you want the full set then you'll also want to renew

dissy cap

rotor arm (if not included?)

HT leads including coil lead

and spark plugs

that's your HT side covered then

and as already put be very careful with those delicate wires
Nigel At

cheers guys
D Stratton

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