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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Rostyle nuts and Minilites

I have at last got around to getting the correct nuts for my Minilite wheels, before I was using the old Rostyle nuts. I don't suppose it really matters, but although the chamfer looks the same, the contact area is bigger. Picture shows the new ones on the left.


Dave Barrow

Second picture


Dave Barrow

If the angle is identical it should be fine
Dominic Excell

interesting Dave, I'm not disputing just asking, what makes the nut on the left correct and is it 11/16" socket size?

where did you get them from
Nigel Atkins


I was looking at buying these new wheel nuts from a British manufacturer, Illston & Robson (

I wonder if anyone has tried them:

Also do standard wheel nuts:

Dave - are you looking to sell your Rostyle wheel nuts?

M Wood

You need to be careful with some aftermarket wheelnuts - the taper chrome nuts supplied with my fake Minilights are prone to stripping quite easily and I've just had to replace four more. So I tend to nip them up just tight enough - in contrast the standard nut seems virtually bombproof and have never given any trouble.

The reason I said they are the correct ones, is because they are what Moss advise for their GAC8203X/8213X wheels. When I bought the wheels some time ago, Moss were out of the nuts, so I used Rostyles. Now they have stock, part number TT6320.

I have not fitted them yet, but I have just checked the socket size required, and found that although 11/16 will fit, its a bit loose and I think it may damage the nuts. 5/8 will not fit, 17mil will fit but is loose, 16 mil will not fit, so I may have a problem.

I will have to try some of my old BSF sockets.

Not looking to sell at the moment.

Dave Barrow

thanks for your reply
Nigel Atkins

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