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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Ride height front and back

I've always felt my 1972 midget sits too high so I'm in the process of lowering the ride height As part of this process I've been measuring ride height(s) measured at the base of the front and rear of the sill. I found that the front is around 1 inch lower than the rear. Obviously a reduction in height of 1 inch all round (as planned) will leave this difference unchanged but what is the correct relationship between front and rear heights? Should they be the same or is it a good/normal thing for the rear to be slightly higher than the front?
Chris Hasluck

Chris, I don't know what the original height was, but I think the "correct" height is whatever you like. My car sits a little lower in the front and I like the look. I just measured mine and it is about 6.5" at the front of the sill and about 7" at the rear. One advantage is that it produces more downforce at high speeds :)
Jack Orkin

Mine is a bit up at the front. I quite like that. Everyone to his own as they say.

When the bumpers are off I will be doing the spring pan adjust manoeuvre. Not long now.
Dave Squire

generally they'll handle a bit better lower at the front. Mine certainly does.
Rob Armstrong

As Rob suggests I think the car does handle well with the font somewhat lower (it's been like that for years). I was just a bit surprised at the extent of the difference which is odd as it does not look like there is a difference (see picture).

Chris Hasluck

Don't forget that when a driver gets in the car, with weight biased towards the back axle, the rear will sink further than the front.
Paul Walbran

I ran mine with 8" 400lb front springs and lowering blocks on the rear. Handles well when doing sprints but bottomed at the rear on rallies.

For the last rally I changed front springs to 8.5" 360lb and removed the lowering blocks. It handled like a pig at the front as it was all over the place at speed so I lowered the front tyre pressures on Yoko A35's to 21psi and the rears to 23psi.It improved the handling but I think I'll go back to the 8" springs on the front and leave the rear as it is and see what it's like around the lanes.

I also use Peter May negative trunnions which gives good turn in on sprints with AO32R's all round
Peter King

especially if the driver is heavy!

Rob Armstrong

Not to mention the sheep!
Paul Walbran

Just finished the lowering exercise and ended up with a front height of 15cm (just under 6 inches) and a rear of 17cm (just under 6.75 inches), all measured at the edge of the sill. It may settle a bit further after some road use. Strangely it does not look very much lower but will see how it feels on the road.
Chris Hasluck

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