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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Restoration of Master Cylinders

I hope some one can help
I am looking for a company in England who will restore my master cylinders to their former glory.
Has anyone done this and could recommend a company?
John Egan

Past Parts have done some resto (stainless sleeving) on various hydraulic parts for my own cars and those I have worked on. I have also used a local engineering firm (Kent) for resleeving a Healey Silverstone hydraulic cylinder.
I would use Past Parts again as they supply & fit new internals.
Alan Anstead

A similar question I have.. is there anyone in the USA that will resleeve a brake and clutch master cylinder. I dont want a full rebuild just a resleeving
so I can do the rebuild myself.
Steven Devine

Any competent machine shop should be able to sleeve a cylinder for you. My local machine shop (Engineering Solutions) didn't have any stainless tube so fitted a stainless bar and then bored that out to size.
Alan Anstead

Steve. When I looked into this several years ago, there were two companies who specialized in this type of thing: Apple Hydraulics and White Post Restorations. Apple has a very spotty reputation over the quality of their work while White Post quoted a price that was three times the cost of a brand new unit.

Alan. Here in the US, at least in my area, such small specialty shops are rare and the few that still exist are quite expensive. Most of the small machine shops have closed and been replaced with CNC machine shops. The CNC shops are quite good if you need a hundred or more units but are not willing to do one offs. A machine shop, here in the US, that would fit a solid steel bar, then bore it out to the exact size needed would be quite difficult to find locally. And, if you could find one, very expensive.

Les Bengtson

Les, Alan.
Ive been dealing with local machine shops locally for years. Its a dying art machining up this way as ive watched one after the other at least 20 places go out of business. "Ive dealt with apple and white post." Hence why I would like to do it myself. Im always glad when moss resupplies us with parts as going to a competetent machine shop is no longer becoming a viable option for hydrolic works in this local vacinity. :-(
Steven Devine

You could always embrace the a modernday 3 master cly system

2 brake masters with a tandum and 1 clutch master

I absolutly love mine...from tilton I went a little extra and got the peddle assembly also...I cant imagine very going back to the old lucas maybe a little more expensive, but the guarantee of it always working and the solid braking feel is so worth it

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

I like to run DOT 5 in my cars and have for a long time, but everyone once in awhile I experience some weeping from the master cylinders. I dont want to change the stock set up to something else but would upgrade what I have with more modern seals for better operation if possible. If it entailed sleeving thats ok with me. I just wish some one out there were reonditioning and garenteeing dot 5 rebuilds.
Steven Devine

Hi everyone
Thanks a lot for all your help
I'll try some of them for prices
John Egan

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