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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Removing Rubber Bumpers

I am considering taking the large rubber bumpers off my midget and running it without them for a while. Thing is what do you do about the front indicators ?
I know that if you fit the chrome bumpers you replace the front wings with early ones to suit. Behind the rubber bumper type there is a large hole in each wing does the indicator from the rubber bumper fit in this hole ?
I dont want to have to change the wings as this will probably only be a temporary removal, but i still want the car on the road.
S Langston

Oh no - Rachmacb is going to go mental................
S G Macfarlane

I would have a look in the general midget section, its been covered twice just today!!!!!!
Steve H K-ser

I thought this was the other thread

when I realised it was wasn't by seeing S G's post i really did LOL

brighten my day (a bit)
Nigel Atkins

Thanks for the answers. I checked out the other thread about removing bumpers but got caught up in a load of cackle about how rude some members of the forum are. I know us newbies to both the marque and the forum ask the most inane of questions but we have to start somewhere. I want to remove my bumpers to carry out some paintwork repairs nothing more sinister, just thought they might me better off out the way.
S Langston

if you remove the indicators from the bumpers dont they fit in the big hole in the wing?!

Or did I dream that?

M Le Chevalier

Yes they do fit in the hole,quite well actually, but you need to rig up some way to keep them in position.
They dont look quite right though, in my opinion.

I ran mine like that for a number of years then bought the "correct" non RB indicator/sidelight assemblies,and made discreet plinths for them to fit over the holes in the wings, and they now look fine.
JB Anderson

Right, the lights fit rather tidily into the holes, but look slightly unnatural. No big deal, really. As suggested above, you just need to do a bit of bodging with washers and such to hold them in. Finding some sort of rubber grommets to line the holes would be nice too.


Gryf Ketcherside

Hi S!

As has been hinted above, just use some penny washers and some small nut & bolt sets to hold the indicators in the wing hole. insert indicators from the front, and then use a penny washer at each side at the rear of each indicator. Ours are done that way. As has been said, they're not the prettiest but you won't notice after a few days!
Lemme know if you have any problems,
C Robertson

Cheers JB and Craig. That is all i need to know. Saves making up mounting bases for different types of light units.
Its only going to be temporary anyway.
S Langston

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