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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - rear brake pipe routing

Has anyone got any photos of the rear brake pipe where it gose over the tunnel at the back and joins the flexi hose not sure of the routing for new lines
mark heyworth

Rear brake pipe doesn't go over the tunnel - hard line goes to bracket on back of OS rear bulkead, flexi from there to diff housing. Are you mixing it up with the fuel pipe?

Not my car -

thanks but thats an early midget it changes on the later ones
mark heyworth

From my GAN5 RWA. Can't imagine the position would change from 1972 until dual circuit came in.

W Dunsmore

it changed in 1974 to run down the other side
mark heyworth

say what year of car you are asking about otherwise there could be a lot of pissing into the wind and wet legs.

My car is a very (very) early 1973 but it's not original in many ways so a waste of time me putting up a photo for you. Perhaps the factory took the best or perhaps it was a compromise, if you're not worried about aficionados crawling under your car to criticize possibly variations from concours accepted standards (be their standards correct or not) then I can take a photo of mine if you want and no one else turns up with better.
Nigel Atkins

its a 77 1500
mark heyworth

Started to fit the new pipe kit today came to the front to rear pipe and no way could i get it to fit nowhere near long enough, ended up calling the firm that made them to discover they had put the wrong pipe for my car in the set, its 21 inches short.Nowonder i could not work out the route it takes ,they are posting a replacement hopefully it will fit ok,just another thing to slow me down.
mark heyworth

just what you don't need!

When you don't have the original to do a side-by-side comparison.

I feel for you.

Hopefully a bit later you can have a good laugh about it.
Nigel Atkins

Mark, that must be the kit for the ultra-rare short wheelbase version!

impressed with firm who made them new one here today quick service
mark heyworth

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