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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Prop shaft

[...bless him...] it possible to remove the prop shaft with only axle stand height available under the car?

Thanks, Dave
David Cox

I've done it many years ago. IIRC it is a bit of a puzzle but it can be done. You have to get the angles right. I would suggest that you pull the front end out of the gearbox first by lifting the back end up and over the diff. That will give you some more "room" to work it out because you can slide it forward and then drop the rear below the diff (again IIRC) slide it over to the right side of the car and down. Installation is the reverse with the added fun of trying to get it back into the gearbox.

Yes it is, Dave. This time I did it by putting the stands under the spring hangers and using the trolley jack to move the rear axle. Can't remember which way it came out.
Admittedly it was a Frog, but they aren't very different, are they?
Nick and Cherry Scoop

Yes, it is. Iíve always done it with the axle stands under the axle.

Admittedly, on the race car the axle is a bit higher - body lower - but it is still possible IIRC. You could always add some weight to the boot to lower body and give you more clearance.
Dave O'Neill 2

Thanks for helpful with a midget, eh?! Dave
David Cox

Also, if you only jack the back end of the car up, then the oil will mostly stay in the box.
Rob Armstrong

Recently had cause to remove propshaft on '70 Midget. It came out exactly as Martin describes. Over the axle initially then either left or right with stands under the axle. As it turned out the front UJ wasn't the problem I was looking for!!!!
More interestingly, having heard some horror stories about refitting the prop, I think I found a tip!! Once you have exhausted patience trying to line up splines you can't see and started to feel queasy from lying under the car have a break. Then, with renewed enthusiasm, if you remove the gear stick gaiter it is possible to see where the splines are supposed to go. Using a length of soft wire support the prop splines and line them with gearbox. Your assistant ( did I mention you would need an assistant) can get under the car and wiggle the ptoshaft.
David Lewis

David..that's the method I used..but blimey.. can we swop assistants? Mine was in charge of the wire and I had to get under the car again... problem was not with the propshaft as it turned out but vibrations caused by the "anti-rattle plunger" nor the cup and spring tensioner at the bottom of the gear lever not doing their jobs...
David Cox

Hi Dave. I used the term 'assistant' loosely. Not the owner of the car, who I happen to be married to, but one of the offspring who showed vague interest in what I was doing and I was able to bribe using Speckled Hen!! He has scuttled back to uni now just when I need to bleed out the brakes!!
Good luck with all things Midget related.
David Lewis

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