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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Passed MOT today with 2 advisory

Hi All

Well another MOT passed first time thanks to a very sensible MOT test man, although I had a brake light out he tried a replacement bulb to no avail so when I collected my pride he said, broken wire causing failed brake light, I assured him that I would fix this as soon as I got home so he passed me. I have 2 advisories the first is minimal play in front wheel bearings, these were new last year. Is there any adjustment here?
second was bushes on semi ellipticals so I am just about to order Superflex poly bush replacements, my question is should I replace the saddle pads at the same time?

P.J young

oeh, can of worms there on the wheel bearings! Please look into the archives for that. And this article by Norm Kerr;

No experience with semi's.
Alex G Matla

Always replace the pads at the same time, as old hard ones can cause problems with rear axle steer. Often is such cases the pads were fine until diturbed.
This is one of those situations where the cheapness of the parts makes it worthwile avoiding the risk of having to re-do the job.
Paul Walbran

Thanks for your posts.

I have just sent an enquiry to Ransome and Marles to see if they can still supply the OEM bearings Norm refers to in his very informative article.
I will post their response.
P.J young

Yes they can, circa 120 quid plus postage per side.
Lawrence Slater

Blimey 120 quid a side. The current bearings I have fitted were 12 quid a side from Sussex MG but after 500 miles the MoT man says I have play. Will the 120 quid a side only need to last 5000 miles to be in payback....
P.J young

Well, you could sand down the spacer. But you'll have to know what you are doing and don't forget it next time you replace the bearings.
A lathe would be more suitable.
Alex G Matla

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