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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Little things.......

Well, I fixed my water leak with a new hose and a water pump for luck. I then fitted my new hood - and it fits. Just got to fit some fasteners to the velcro bit ( going to use tenax to match the rest) as I don't think the velcro is up to the job, even though I have replaced it.

Then, today I took the bull by the horns and set about sorting the carbs. Whilst I had a good idea of how to do it from you lot, a good U Tube video and research on the net, I was still a little uncertain of the geography of the carbs. BUT, what was obvious with my bit of tube was one carb was way different to the other,so I sorted the balance. Then I lifted the slider with the little plunger thing and it was again obvious that the mixture was way, way out. I turned the mixture screw so far that I began to think I was doing it wrong, but then all of a sudden it did what it was meant to do! Repeated with the other and Bob's your Auntie. I adjusted the idle and made sure the needles were rising at the same time (which they weren't!) and took it for a spin and joy upon joys it works!!

It is funny how such a small triumph over a lack of confidence can be so pleasing.
And, it is amazing how a "mechanic" can get it so wrong. LESSON LEARNT. Thanks folks.
J Mee

Well done

It could be messed up, especially by someone like me

I only helped out with my carbs today and almost put the damper back wrong on one and started to undone a third locator lug that was on the previous set but not this set, it was the throttle screw - I'm unsafe at any job
Nigel Atkins

Good job, done well.
Do it yourself properly or pay a mechanic to do it for a price ;-)

I am sure there are a lot of good mechanics out there but doing it yourself is so much more satifying.

D Brown

Well done :) Told you you could do it ;)!

When the Mk3 midget/Mk4 Sprite was first introdused, there was a tenax fastener at the front corner of the hood. Later - for some reason - it was deleted and velcro was used instead. It was never a huge success and the hood always pulls away/shrinks at the front corner.
Dave O'Neill 2

I also added a tenax fastener to the front corners of the hood after it kept coming loose at speed. I found some tenax studs from a TR (shudder) had a long enough thread to fit through the finisher on the top of the B post and worked really well. Extra tenax stud shown in the photo.

Bill Young

Maybe not quite there yet.

I just took the dog down to the beach for a walk (3 miles away) and whilst the car is infinitely better than it was, it still seems to be a little sluggish on acceleration.

Possible causes?
J Mee

I'd take it back to that mechanic to sort out for you !! LOL
Graham M V

What oil is in the dampers? Thicker oil accentuates the "accelaration pump" working of the pistons. The pistons rises slower with thicker oil, while the same amount of air is being drawn in by the engine. Because the passage is then smaller, the airspeed has to be higher (M = C x A) causing a greater depression over the venturi, richening the mixture.
Alex G Matla

I put 20/50 in. Any good?
J Mee

nope, way too thick I think. 10/40 is about the max, even then it may be wise to check needles and springs, but first of all check tuning, but that should be ok as you stated. Also the dampers inside wich regulate the rising should be the same, if twin set up
Alex G Matla

Hi John,

Glad that the car is running so much better.

Did you check the timing? If the mechanic messed up the carbs that badly, wouldn't trust him with the timing either...

Any time you want to call 'round, you're still welcome... Are you going to any of the local shows this summer? I'm hoping to take the Midget to Boconnoc this year, though I'm away for the weekend so it will only be the Friday.

I'd go with timing

Rolling Road guy I went to uses ATF in dash pots and said straight 30 oil rather than 20w/50

Or in the old days 3-in-1 or old used engine oil

Now mine's been set up on the rollers it goes like it always should have but of course I had to make sure everything was working and well serviced before going and that only took two and a half years thanks to paid professional experts in ther feilds ballsing things up at my expense

So I know how you feel John (hundreds of times over) you will get thro' it but it's cheaper to learn by others mistakes - and I have a libary of them :)
Nigel Atkins

Well, it's relatively easy to try different kinds of oil.
Just clean the tubes and refill.
Also changing dampers might help, but that's subject to personal parts bin.
Alex G Matla

Just a quickie to say that Bill's cupholder looks the part on the central brace!
A.G Peters

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