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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Light rust on prop shaft


Iíve been cleaning up more parts and whilst cleaning up the prop shaft realised that there is some light pitting from rust at the rear axle end.

Question is a balancing one, will the loss of metal cause this to put the shaft out of balance and therefore cause unwanted vibrations? Or is the loss so small it wonít make a noticeable difference.

The UJ seems in good condition and there is no play at all.

Sort of hoping that I can give it a protective coat of paint and thatís it.

Thoughts welcome.


James Paul

Make sure you use a lightweight paint and apply it evenly all round.

A couple of coats of spray on satin black is all it needs!!
Bob Beaumont

I handpaint mine with chassis black (coach enamel). Hammerite's Smoothrite would as good. The prop diameter is far too small to affect balancing (compared with flywheel & clutch).
David Smith

"Lightweight paint" was a joke!
No sort of paint is going to upset the balance.

(David, thanks for the wiper arms)

I handpainted mine with Rustoleum black gloss. If changing the UJ's I'd have thought they'd have far more effect on balance (but still insignificant) than a bit of paint and a few rust pits.
Bill Bretherton

thanks for the confirmation!
James Paul

if you take the UJs off make sure they go back on in the correct orientation to each other.
Nigel Atkins

Hi Nigel,

thanks for the advice. As there is no unwanted movement I wasn't planning on touching them.

James Paul

Very wise.

It's just one of the very many bits of info I've picked up from the good folk here (and can remember).
Nigel Atkins

Bits of the drive-train going back on - sounds promising.
Dave O'Neill 2

Hi Dave,

not quite but getting there...

After finishing the all body work I had it blasted back to bare metal and primed.

Applied all the seam sealer and then added a few coats of black chassis paint to the underside.

Recently been cleaning up all the steering and suspension parts to get it a rolling chassis before talking it off to the paint shop.

8 year anniversary coming up next month for me and of course the 60th anniversary of the midget next year, so fingers crossed I might have her running by then.

James Paul

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