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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Indicators (again)

Regulars may recall last year I added a buzzer to my indicator circuit to help when they didnt self cancel.

As 3 have failed in 15 months, am I a victim of bad luck or just poor quality parts from Maplin? Can anyone suggest a supplier of better quality buzzers? Has anyone experience of the RFL3 electronic flasher relay from Vehicle Wiring Products - is the buzz load enough to hear in a topdown midget?


Doug Plumb

Doug.. I do not know if RADIO SHACK is in business in the UK.. However they do have what I consider good quality buzzers. I have used them for years without failure.
Sometimes they are too loud when actually solid mounted to anything and then I just let it hang on it's wire. I have even wrapped foam aroud one as even with my atrocious hearing it was way too loud.
If you wish I will explore pricing for you including postage to the UK.
Sandy Sanders
Hudson Florida

Radio Shack products used to be available in the UK in Tandy stores, but I don't think they are still in existence.
Dave O'Neill 2


Thanks for the kind offer to check out Radio Shack re delivery to the UK but I'll try other ideas at this stage. I've looked at their website and the buzzers appear very similar to those sold by Maplin! I will try other possible sources such as OEM spares for motorbikes or agricultral machinery.

Two types of buzzer have failed, 1 x 9 - 20v & 2 x
3 - 15v. Maplin also offer a 3 - 24v version so is this liable to be more 'robust'?

Doug Plumb

Are you using a piezo or vibrator type buzzer? The piezo tend to be a bit tougher, I've had one on mine now for a year with no problem.
Graham P 1330 Frogeye

I fitted a buzzer from maplin, and it was so loud, I had to take it off again. I covered it with bubble wrap, gaffer tape, you name it, and it still sounded like an emergency vehicle, the wife refused to come out in it, so I ditched it for a light.

Dave Barrow

Sourced a buzzer from my local auto electrician who said he had fitted them to several cars with no problems. Its an AVE 2-12 (also marked LF5K) from Spanish manufacturer Nagares who list this item as OEM for Suzuki.

Now fitted but may need to partially cover it with something to quieten it down a bit.

Lets hope its more reliable than the Maplin offerings.

Doug Plumb

i would like to wire one in on my car
ware do you pick up the waring from
i take its off the flasher unit or am i wrong
bj camp

My maplin (cheapest of the cheap) one has lasted ok for about a year.
Gary Lazarus


Yes - I just used piggyback connectors with the black wire to the B terminal and the red wire to the L terminal of the flasher unit.

Doug Plumb

To lower the sound just let the buzzer hang by it's wires. If still too loud wrap foam rubber and tie it with an elastic band.
The wires can be held by a tie wrap and attached hanging to something else.

Have a look at the Radio Spares Catalogue (RS Components, they've got loads)
Cheers John

thanks Doug
fitted and working see how long it going to last
used a 1.99 maplin one
bj camp

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