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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Front Brake Calipers - Renovate or replace?

Hi Guys, After trawlling the archive and getting lots of different leads I have decided to opt for a quick straw poll.

The front calipers are sticking and looking -'old' -.
Should I try to renovate or exchange them and be done with it?

Dave - Blackie should be ready for June - Price
Dave Price

I have done both. In hindsight I don't think that DIY renovating was really worth the financial savings. The chrome on the pistons on the ones I did was pitted so as well as the seals I needed to replace all 4 pistons. The cost saving as against buying new was barely worthwhile.

So my vote goes for exchange ones at around 52


Over a number of years I too have done both. This being on Spridgets, MGBs MGAs etc.

It all depends however on Price! (LOL)

With Spridgets the price of recons is so low that it really is not worth the effort of doing it yourself, plus and it is a major plus the recon calipers come with a very nice coating!

Now if I were giving the same info to an MGA enthusiast I would definately say to do it yourself purely on cost grounds.
Bob Turbo Midget England

52 quid hard to beat, I'd go for that IF the recon ones have stainless steel pistons in them. If not, I would (and have) do a rebuild with SS pistons from minspares - then they'll never need doing again. Dad's had SS pistons in his mini for about 29 years now and they're still as good as when they went in.

getting the little metal seal holder things in is a nightmare. a mini wheel bearing outer works best for pressing the thin twisty pieces of swearmaking angryness in without too much shouting and cursing and having to use one of the old ones 'cos the new one now looks like a pretzel...
Rob Armstrong

Exchange and good luck in getting done for June - see you at M50!

some modern exchange units are using a type of black plastic for the pistons, these won't rust either !
David Smith

David, I have seen those HDP ones. But wondered how well they would do in dissipating heat? Maybe they don't heat up as much to start with and just leave the discs themselves to deal with getting rid of excess heat.

Thanks for that straw poll guys and gals - Rach - looks like an exchage is due - see image

Dave Price

Please see new caliper and resevoir !!!

Dave Price

Exchange and upgrade to MGB calipers on a type 900 kit from Peter May.
Daniel Thirteen-Twelve

I am going to have a go at renovating my brake calipers soon, purely on price grounds. 150 for recons is out of the question atm.
I might have them ultrasonic cleaned beforehand as there covered in underseal.
Does anyone know of a step by step guide to doing this?

(why does MGOC offer cheap original seals and more expensive reproduction seals. surely caliper seals are caliper seals?)
BH Harvey

Daniel - a bit out of my price league I'm afraid!!

BH - looking at the cost of the new pistons, bolts,seals,postage!! and time I feel I may go down the easier route. Rang Moss and they only sell new at 70 each so I think a bit of smooth talking to SWMBO and if that don't work - begging - might be in order
Dave Price

where do you go to get fleeced 150 for a pair of recon calipers? Have you got a price from Magic midget?
David Smith

Rach - any hints on how to talk her round then? I have given her 2 glasses of wine so...............
Dave Price

Look at this site:
54.35 each, and that includes a 12 refundable surcharge!


Lol shopping at midget50???? Keep the wine flowing :)

Thanks guy - I thought I had most sites saved - perhaps a call tomorrow - must have a quick word now with SWMBO - wish me luck

Dave - into the lions den - Price
Dave Price

This thread was discussed on 05/04/2011

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