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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Flexible exhaust and exhaust hangers

Hi folks,

You may have seen from a few other threads that my car is undergoing an exhaust upgrade programme!

Part of this involves putting a flexible section between the collector and the exhaust to make connecting everything up easier and also to protect the manifold in the event of exhaust grounding.

Do you think I should put another exhaust hanger in, perhaps somewhere in the region under the seat/gearbox, to support the weight of the exhaust? Rather than have it "dangle" off the flexi section.

Arie, you about?!

Malcolm Le Chevalier

sounds like a great idea
R W Bowers


I have just fitted a Maniflow straight through single box and would concur that the more support the better. The back box on the Maniflow is quite heavy, and I opted to fit an additional hanger between box and manifold - as well as the hanger the other side of the box. I do recommend you also add some sort of bobbin as a rudimentary shock absorber - as per all other mounts.
Mark O

OK, cool, too easy!

I have a spare bobbin somewhere, just need an appropriate type P-clip type thing.

Malcolm Le Chevalier

I got to SUPPORT that idea... hang it up there

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Malcolm, can;t remember which model you have but if an A series you should have a bracket from the bottom of the bellhousing across to the exhaust which will support it adequately if correctly fitted.
Parts 32,33,39 etc
David Smith

I did not know that David, thanks. it is a 1500, where the exhaust hangs off the manifold, then isn't supported until the axle.

if it works on the 1275 it must be a good idea!
Malcolm Le Chevalier

I've had problems with the quality of the rear rubber exhaust mounts - rectangular rubber with plates bonded - the ones fixed to an angled plate bolted to the boot floor - GEX7155, they are used on 1275 and 1500 'across the back' systems.

I've had two delaminate - rubber to steel bonding failing on newish items.

Once again rubbish parts - I have made supplier aware.

richard boobier

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