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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Facet Fuel pump

Does anyone have experience of fitting a Facet fuel pump to MGA. My car is pos earth as standard and as far as I can see the manufacturer of these pumps say neg earth only.
As both the "metal cube" and the "plastic" one have two wires from them I would have thought that if you connect correctly the thing should work. Unless the metal bits become "live"!
My current pump (hardi)sold here as Quinton Hazzel has packed up and as far as I can assertain ther is no repair service.
Does anybody know of another pos earth pump apart from the SU.

David Murgatroyd

You posted this in midget and Sprite technical ;)

But since the principle is the same I'll try to help.

I would not bother with making the pump fit the positive earth car.
Change the car to negative earth and you will never have to thinkt about it again!

No parts needed just switch polarity on the radio or what ever elec equipment you have.
Switch the polarity on the batery's and tap the regulator.

Onno Könemann

I have a Facet cube fitted on my MGA.
Tend to agree with Onno simply swap your car to negative earth.
This requires swapping the battery connections swapping the terminals on the coil, possibly swapping the connections on the blower (if it sucks instead of blows) and "flashing" the dynamo when battery has been swapped.

If you are insistant on remaining positive earth (and there is absolutely no reason for that then if you insulate the pump it will work but be carefull if you have metal fuel pipes these must be isolated from the pump.
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

David - See my answer on the MGA BBS. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

A side question, can the Facet cube pump be mounted in the boot where it is just above the tank. Can it draw fuel up that height?
Mike Howlett

Mike the racing pumps have the suction (Red Top, Blue Top) but I fear the basis Solid State (cube) might struggle.
Deborah Evans

Hello Mike I use a cube pump on my MGA. It is mounted on the scuttle under the bonnet and has to draw fuel from the tank at the rear all the way to the front of the car and up onto the scuttle plate. It does this without issue.

I think it is illegal to mount the fuel pump into the boot area as this would mean there was no metal fire wall between the pump and the passenger compartment.
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

Good point Bob. I hadn't considered that. I just wanted to keep it out of the muck. Do you know what model number yours is Bob? If that works on your MGA I wonder if it would on my Midget?

Deb, mine is numbered 40104 which I assume is the bog-standard pump. I chose it for the low pressure delivery so it wouldn't overwhelm the SU needle valve. It says it must be mounted no more than 12 inches above the bottom of the tank, so I guess engine bay mounting is out.§ionid=7&id=16&Itemid=31
Mike Howlett

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