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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Differential

I'm a TC owner but I need a Sprite/midget/Spridget 4.55 or 4.85 differential. Any idea where I might find a used, in good condition, one?

Thanks in advance,
Gene Gillam

H Gene,

I guess you know those ratios came from Morris Minors. The Morris Minor 1000 usually had the 4.55 ratio. The 4.875 was much rarer. Those cars were probably not common in USA. There were lots in UK and Australia but the source is drying up now. We usually have to pay about $400 for a good used diff here in Oz. The weight might make postage a bit pricey from here.

I run a 4.55 in my road TC. It is great with 16" wheels and a slightly souped up motor.

I guess you know how to convert the diff? If not, let me know and I can give you the details.

Good luck with your search.

Yours oTCagonally,
Bob Schapel (South Australia)
R L Schapel


You have mail.
Dave O'Neill 2


Yes, knew they came from the Morris but figured this group would be able to help since they're interchangeable with the Spridget group.

I had a 4.55 but it was noisy so I swapped in the 4.22 - quiet, and with the supercharger and other mods, allows me to move on down the road but coupled with the 5-speed I'm always running in 2nd or 3rd in town. I'm also running 16's.


Gene Gillam

Nice car Gene!

I went looking out of curiosity and spotted this:

"From" 45.....

Guess it depends on condition, but recon diffs seem to be going for 300 up.

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