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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Clean Fuel Tank

Hello Everyone, I'm new here so let me start by saying what great info I've gotten from you so far.


1974 midget MKIII - In progress of bringing it back to life after 16 years of sitting.

My brother and I have replaced the clutch and replaced all the hoses and belts, etc. The engine is back in and we're just about ready for the first startup.

One of the last steps was to clean and recoat the fuel tank. We started prepping the tank when we realized there is a filter inside that we can't see how to remove.

If we use the cleaning kit we are worried that the sealer will clog the filter.

Many people have simply suggested replacing the tank. Before I resort to that I'd like to know if I'm missing something, or there is another way to clean it.

From what we can tell it's not in "that bad" of shape inside. But the last thing I want is debris in the fuel system.

Let me know your thoughts!

Thanks a million

M Reinsmith

Instead of having the interior of the tank coated with a sealer (which can slough off or dissolve if (when) the fuel formulation changes in future years), consider having it treated with a zinc phosphate. This treatment leaves a rather 'toothy' finish which will absorb the oils from the fuel, protecting against rust. Check with any dip strip business in your area. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois


if the inside is pretty clean, then I'd say to just use it as is, any fuel filter before the carbs will be sufficient to collect some small debris that your washing didn't already rinse out

if you want to coat the inside, then you've got to lose the little mesh filter on the pick up inside of the tank (run a bit of wire down the intake to pop it off of the end of the pipe). This mesh filter has pretty large openings and is only to keep really large stuff out of the pump.

When using a fuel filter, be sure to locate it after the fuel pump (easier to monitor when it is in the engine bay, and if it clogs, then it won't burn up the fuel pump) - a blocked intake will quickly burn up an SU pump, so it is not advised to put a filter before one.

Norm Kerr

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