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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Carborator not working

Installed a new Weber carborator in my 76 Mg midget and now it won't turn over.

RMG Gagnier

Does your fuel pump continue pumping. Pull the spark plugs and see if it not a fuel lock if the new carb leaked gas into the cylinders.
Do not try to turn it over with the starter as you could spray fuel all over everything. Put the car in 4th gear and push it foreward or backward a couple of feet.
After that does your starter solenoide click and not turn it over. If not then you have an electrical problem.

Exactly right Sandy

If you have done nothing else then it is possible that the engine has filled with fuel because the weber has leaked.
I personally would remove the plugs and turn the engine over by means of a spanner on the crank pulley.

Other than that is it a simple coincidence and the starter is fauly or the earth to the engine is poor?
Bob England

What kind of Weber carb? Electric choke or manual?

I did a similar thing this past summer when installing a new electric choke on my Weber DGV & a new distributor at the same time...somehow managed to blow a fuse...engine would turn over, but not run.

If the engine isn't fuel locked, check the starting circuit.

I've been able to solve many electrical problems on my '78 with just a cheap 12 volt test light from my local parts store.

Good luck, let us know what you find.

Dave Rhine

This thread was discussed on 26/12/2009

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