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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 7.5' Competition Clutch

Does anyone know what the AP Racing 7.5" clutch assembly also fits?
I believe that it is a Ford but can't find out any more that that.


Peter King

I have one on my desk now and the box says:
AP CP2257-11

Don't know what it is used for other than midgets with fancy flywheels.
Onno K

According to my AP catalogue the clutch also fits Ford Mexico mk1 cortina Mk 1 and 11 Capri Mk 1. the Avenger tiger and Hillman hunter and VIVA HB 1600. The 1275 spridget cover plate is CP2257-24 and the driven plate is CP2257-11,

the ford cover assembly is Cp 2257-21 . this may reflect however the different driven plate. The AP clutch requires the flywheel to be redrilled and tapped to take the larger 7.5 " plate. Also the cover can foul the gearbox and needs slight machining to be flush with the flywheel.

The rootes and vauxhall cover plates are CP 2257 -16

I used this clutch for 3 seasons and it never faultered. The engine was pushing out 120BHP + on the dyno.
Bob Beaumont

This thread was discussed on 30/11/2012

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