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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 66 Sprite steering wheel


The steering wheel bakelite surround on my MKIII Sprite is broken and cracked in a few places.

I would like to replace it, but similar types are expensive and difficult to find.

I would like to know which wheels have compatible spline holes as well as horn arrangements.

My current wheel is just like the 2x3 spoke wheel pictured. I have all the parts and the horn works as it should.

The 2nd, wood-rimmed, wheel is advertised as a Sprite MKI wheel (?) and is relatively cheap. Is this an AH wheel or an aftermarket wheel? Will it work with my horn button? More importantly, will I need any other parts to make it work?


A Fortier

Does anyone know which steering wheels are compatible?
A Fortier

Don't know - but, would suggest that you speak to the suppliers of the wooden one and ask what their sizes are, if it's totally compatible, does the horn work, and anything else you can think of - then, if it doesn't fit exactly as described, at least you can send it back and get your money back!

It depends on the "BOSS" the boss is the adaptor what goes between the steering column and the steering wheel

I have a Tourist trouphy from moss that I really like and the horn had to be "massaged" a bit to fit other wise the horn would go off on its own.. but the horn was part of the wheel it just had to be wired in


I copied this from one of the MG sites awhile back. Not sure who posted it or if it's actually true.

Spridgets used 4 different steering shaft splines over the years.
71 on
And they are NOT interchangable.

Rik Hogan

Sorry I do not recognize the wooden wheel in your photo. But, here is a link to a POR15 repair site, if you wish to try to repair your original?

The next best reasonable cost repair might be to add a leather wrap on your original to cover the damaged areas. This should be available from your local auto supply house.


Larry C.
Larry C '69 Midget

I rebuilt a wheel last was bent and cracked....a total mess...used PC7 a two part epoxy, lots of time and patience, filing and sanding, but it came out great.....painted and clear coated the wheel and it looked was for a client...sorry no photos....

Steven Conant

I did the same with mine. I used POR15 2-part epoxy putty. Opened the cracks with a cutting disc on a moto-tool. Filled, sanded, high-built primer, sanded, epoxy primer/sealer, 2k black, clear coat. Looks awesome. It's worth the time and effort to repair the old one.
Paul Noeth

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