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Austin-Healey 3000 - Jumping out of first, and a over heating problem

I have a 61 3000 with overdrive. It is jumping out of first. The transmission was rebuilt twice and was said to be opperating fine. Any ideas? The overheating problem was thought to be a head gasket. I can't however find signs of this. The compression is good in all cylinders,and there is no evidence of coolant in the oil. The car runs at about 195 degrees F. The radiator has recently been checked and boiled out. The water pump and thermostat are working fine. Any thoughts? Thanks Bill
Bill Ballard

Check your fan and make sure it is on the right way. Don't laugh, many fan's have been bolted on, and they are sucking air not blowing. A quick check will tell you.
Also jumping out of gear can be a broken spring, take the top off the gearbox and you will find in the front rim a series of small springs, if they are broken or bent, as mine were, my car jumped out of second,this could be your problem. I replaced the offending spring and never had the problem again. Good Luck.

Kim Rutherford.
K Rutherford

This thread was discussed between 12/07/2003 and 10/09/2004

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