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Austin-Healey 3000 - 67 BJ8 with BJ7 Clutch from Factory

Has anyone else come across AH 3000 bj8's with miss-matched parts from the factory? I just broke down my 1967 BJ8 trans for the first time since I got the car in 1979(engine # 29K/RU/13266) to install a new clutch. To my surprise the current clutch is a 10" Borg & Beck style lever clutch not a 9 1/2" diaphram pressure plate spec'd for the BJ8. The 10" pressure plate housing measures 12 1/4" outside diameter with 6 mounting bolts + 2 flywheel studs, the 9 1/2" is smaller and has 9 bolts & studs that don't line up to the flywheel.

I doubt that prior owners swapped out the flywheel in the 40K miles on the car when i bought it!
Do I have a pre May 1963 BJ7 Flywheel & Clutch assembly?

J Scattergood

This thread was discussed on 26/02/2012

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