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Austin-Healey 100,100S,100-Six - MGA - A poor man's Healey?

I posted the following on the MGA BBS site - a reader suggested we hear what you Healey guys have to say as we may be biased!
"While I am happy with my 60 Roadster I have always lusted after a big Healey – is that the same for you guys? I could not afford one when I was a student and still cannot now without upsetting the boss and also I don’t want to get rid of the A!
A good condition MGA roadster in Australia is $US19-23,000 whereas an excellent condition Healey 3000 Mk 3 is $US60,000 may explain it.
The upside of the A is that they are not bad looking, are cheap and easy to fix, other owners are very friendly and helpful, Barney’s web site, this BBS and our local MG club."
Mike Ellsmore

Hi Mike,

I have recently owned both a MKII MGA and a 100-6. The 100-6 was difficult to stop with drum brakes and the seating position is more "upright". The A is a more tunable car (I supercharged mine with a 5 speed box) at less expense than the 100-6.

All that said - my 100-6 did draw far more attention, especially when I lived and drove my cars in Germany/Italy/France. For some reason mosr people thought the 100-6 was an Aston Martin? The long lazy torque 6 cylinder engine was a dream on the long winding European roads - a great touring car with O/D. The A with a 4 speed box is a noisy bugger - hence my 5 speed conversion, which transformed the car completely.

My A was sold for GBP14,500 the 100-6 for GBP18,500. Both cars were in "near" concours condition. I say near, as I did drive them year round, always in only dry weather, as I beleive they are intended to be driven and not just looked at... but I have been known to slip into the garage and gaze at their lines...

As far as being affordable - save your money and DO buy your dream. Prices will never be lower and the Healey 3000+seats in the rear cars are being sort after by the 30+ year guys looking to fit their kids in the back for weekend jaunts.
J Harle

Thanks JH for the comments
Mike Ellsmore

I think my 69 MGC roadster is a poor man's Healey!
James Finlayson

There is no subtitute for a healey, and at the end of the road you are going to make great money if you want to sell. Our preference was to buy a late model with the wind up windows. In poor condition we then gave it a ground up restoration. MGA,s are pretty cars but have lots of limitations, small engine no O/D and comfort level which is marginal.
Buy a poor condition Healey in the USA ship it home and the rest is up to you.
KIm R.
K Rutherford

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