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Longbridge: Tuesday 12th June 2007

Nanjing Automobile (Group) Corporation and Healey Automobile Consultants Limited, in conjunction with HFI Automotive Ltd, are delighted to announce their intention to collaborate with each other on the future development of the Healey and Austin Healey brands and sports cars bearing their name.

The agreement puts an end to long standing issues about ownership of the brands and trade marks and expands opportunities for joint trade between the companies.

Nanjing Automobile (Group) Corporation is the Chinese parent company of Nanjing Automobile Corporation (UK) Ltd which acquired the assets of MG Rover in July 2005. It is engaged in the manufacture and sale of automobiles worldwide and have recently re-inaugurated production of one of Britain's favourite sports cars, the MG TF, at its Longbridge plant.

HFI Ltd is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and sale, worldwide, of sports cars and are the automotive partner of the owners of the Healey brand (Healey Automobile Consultants (HAC)), providing automotive design, engineering, manufacturing, logistics, sales and marketing and consultancy services to HAC.

Further details will be made available via the NAC MG (UK) press office at the appropriate time.


About Nanjing Automobile (Group) Corporation (NAC)
Nanjing Automobile (Group) Corporation (NAC) is the oldest, and one of the largest manufacturers making up the backbone of the motor industry in China. Following its establishment in 1947, it successfully produced the first international standard light truck in China on 10th March 1958.

Today, NAC has 32 subsidiary companies and more than 400 affiliated companies, including NAC-MG, Nanjing-Yuejin, Nanjing-FIAT, and Nanjing-IVECO, four whole vehicle companies which produce three series of products, over 400 types of vehicles (excluding MG). Apart from the production of whole units, NAC owns companies which produce automotive components including chassis, brakes, gears & transmissions, in addition to a business providing foundry and metalworking services and vehicle equipment.

In July 2005, NAC successfully purchased parts of MG as part of an international strategy. After its successful acquisition of MG assets in 2005, NAC has gained a higher status in the automotive industry, and support from Chinese national government, the Jiangsu provincial government as well as Nanjing municipal government.
NAC's mission is to "revive, maintain and develop MG" for the benefit of both Chinese and global consumers, and plans to produce and sell MG cars in the UK as well as in China. NAC has undertaken to "carve out, innovate, strive to be the best and create an iconic brand" with MG.

M.G. Writer

Preved Acuna Matata!

Form Amato Daniel.


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good amato

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